Volume curves / dynamics

I’m trying to edit the dynamics of an audio event in a specific way. It seems that in previous versions of cubase/other programs, it’s possible to create volume curves, seemingly using the pencil tool.

However, in my version (Cubase Essential 5), when I try to do this in the sample editor window, it says “Please zoom to a resolution that is lower than 1!” If I zoom in that much, it’s completely impractical, and the only use I can see for it is editing out clips or other small unwanted noises.

So is there another way of editing the dynamics of an audio event?
(I’m not talking about VST dynamics, or fading or any of that - I want to change the volume gradually at different points without the sudden effects produced by reduce or gain)

Any advice appreciated.

This is not for drawing event volumes, but for drawing the waveform itself. Event Volumes are only available in the full Cubase versions.

Volume automation…!?