Volume Data / Fader On Audio / Instrument Track Settings

Hey all,

Has this always been the case: There is no volume fader available in the track settings for Audio & Instrument tracks. There is one for stuff like effects and groups.

Example in this image:

Can’t find an option anywhere in the Track Settings. But it seems really odd that you’d be able to access volume fader for groups and fx etc. but then make it unavailable for audio / instrument tracks. This means I have to route everything to a group channel to have this option, or always open up the track or use the fader panel in the inspector, or open up the audio automation lane.

Perhaps this was to keep things cleaner, so you don’t have a volume line running horizontally from every audio track. But it sacrifices a really easy way to grab volume without having to expand / change the window layout.

Maybe I’m missing something??

It would be nice to have it look like this:

Volume on each track type (except midi).

Tracks that have no audio or midi data on them such as groups are showing the automation lane in place of it.

The only way to show the same on audio or instrument track is to show it’s automation lane.

Here is an existing feature request for this:

Add Volume & Pan to Track Controls Setting

Show it some love.

Thanks djw!- Posted on there as well.