Volume decreases & lower LUFS after export

Hi, i mastered a song to -14 LUFS and my last plugin on the master channel is a LUFS meter that shows -14.
After export the gain is lower and LUFS is -18 - -20.

What’s happening?
Please help me

Thank you


Is your Master Fader set to 0.0? Is the last LUFS meter plug-in post fader?

Hi, my master fader is -5, because i want to give these 5db from the limiter and the last LUFS meter plug-in is in pre fader.

(I do mixing and mastering in the same project)

That’s why the export is lower.

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If you would set your LUFS meter plug-in as post fader, you would see it in the plug-in already. :wink:

Thank you a lot!
So i just have to put the master fader at 0 ?


Yes, please.