Volume does not change when using Realtek HD Audio/ASIO4ALL


I have searched the internet for an answer to this problem but I gave up and decided to create an account to ask here.

When I play a project in Cubase 7.5 with the default Windows outputs (Realtek HD Audio) and ASIO4ALL, the volume is blisteringly loud - as in, it could be heard loudly through earbuds from the other side of the room (I made the mistake of not checking this before I put the earbuds in which was painful…). Not only this, but I am unable to change the volume of the playback via the buttons on my keyboard or through the Windows volume panel, which has always worked without any setup required before. It seems as though the laptop speakers/headphone port aren’t linked to Windows’ volume at all.

The only way I can change the volume is through the Stereo Out channel, but I would like to be able to safely monitor my mixes at a volume that I want while not having to bring the Stereo Out fader up every time I want to mix down (and risk forgetting and blowing my eardrums again…).

I have been using Cubase for years now with several different laptops and computers and have never encountered this issue.

I can use my UA-25 and control the volume through that, but I would like the option of not having to use an interface if I’m just mixing a project and not recording instruments.

I would greatly appreciate some help with this.

Thank you.