Volume doesn't change HALion3 Cubase 10 Pro Windows 10

I am not able to control volume using (actually any) MIDI controller lane in Cubase 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home and HALion3(as a Rack VST). I’ve tried the automation. I’ve tried editing the controller directly in the MIDI segment. I’ve grabbed the MIDI Fader and moved it while the track playing. Nothing seems to work. I’ve always thought the correct choice was Expression #11, but I cannot make it or the Main Volume controller #7 actually change the volume over time. The MIDI Fader moves, but no changes in volume result. What in the world am I missing?

55 Developed.zip (344 KB)
Here’s an example.

OK. I’ve created a separate stereo output for any instrument, for which I want to change the volume over time. I guess that’s the answer.