Volume editing in Group Tracks

If you create a Tempo Track you can see all the changes you make in the inspector “position, temp and type”. Is this somewhere visible for the volume changes you make in a Group Track? (Not the graphic in the track, but like the data in the inspector.)
Tanks in advance!

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Unfortunately, this is not possible. In the past, there was the Project Browser, where you can see all the data as a list. But it was removed from Cubase (12 I think).

It looked like this (Cubase 10.0.30).

Thanks Martin,
For me it would be a great feature, maybe something for the Wishlist?

Is it possible to download Cubase 11Pro, load the 13Pro project, do the editing and save it and load it again in Cubase 13Pro?


Yes, you can.

Of course, of you use some Cubase 13 only features, these will not be in Cubase 11, once you open the project there.

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Hi Martin,
Yes it works!!!
I downloaded Cubase 11.0.41 and installed. It needed the dongle.
So I started Cubase 11, did the editing, saved it, removed the dongle, loaded Cubase 13Pro and yes all the editing was there, perfect!!!

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Just a small correction: The Project Browser was removed with C13. It is still present up to version Cubase 12.0.70

That is a version that works without the dongle.


Hi Johnny,
You are correct, I installed Cubase Pro 12.0.70 and it has the Project Browser.
Lucky, now the dongle can go back to the dungeon.