Volume, Effect, Instrument

Hi all, being a newbie to Cubase, I’m still learning the system, however, the above 3 things I am stuck on. I loaded a midi file from another program and it plays alright but after I change an instrument volume or selection, it reverts back to the previous level and won’t save at selected settings. Also, I cannot get an effect to work on one track only. All tracks are effected regardless of my routing / chain selections. What am I doing wrong?

Hi and welcome,

Most probably the Volume (MIDI CC7) is written directly in the track (MIDI data). So if you change it jumps back, because there is the information in the MIDI Track.

If you apply an effect to the Instrument track, most probably you are using only single Audio Return from the Instrument track. Read about the Multi-outs option. Or use single Instrument track for single sound. To change the settings, how the MIDI File is imported to Cubase go to Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File.Change the Destination to Instrument Tracks here.