Volume Envelope Automation is great, but

I’d love to being able to adjust the range what’s possible (maybe an option in the preference?). A +3dB increase is great, but a +6dB range feels more natural and flexible to me, similar how it is in Cubase. The volume automation is super convenient, especially in SpectraLayers standalone.

Of course I can just turn down the whole file by -3dB during automation and then being able to amplify by +6dB, but it would be great to have at least a +6dB increase available right at the start. :slight_smile:

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You actually can draw points above +3dB. You either have to adjust the volume/power ruler accordingly (mouse-wheel-down while hovering over the ruler; or via the “Wave Range” option in the Display panel), or disable the setting “Bound Envelope Edits to Visible Range”.
You can also right-mouse-click any point and select “Edit Point…” to enter a numerical value, unfortunately only in percent (that might not be as intuitive) and only up to 300% (which is about +9.5dB).

I agree, the volume envelope is super useful. As it is a brand new feature to SpectraLayers, here some of my suggestions for further improvements:

  • a higher limit for the numerical input (and maybe an option to switch to dB)
  • an option to smooth out a curve
  • the option to snap points to the grid for exact time and volume placement

Oh thanks for these solutions, these work great! Especially using the mouse wheel while hovering over the ruler works really well! I agree it would be more intuitive as an audio person to see a dB value instead of percentage when you right click on the point to edit!