Volume Envelope Question

I seem to recall that if the two points shown here are the same level, WaveLab would show you the dB value when you hover the mouse over it.

Now it just says “Volume Envelope”.

I understand that it can’t show a dB value if the two points are different but I’m pretty sure that in an earlier version, WaveLab would show the dB value if the only two points were the same level.

This still works. If you don’t see that, this should mean there is a small diiference.

Normally I would agree but this might be a new bug. Check out the series of attached screen shots of this basic scenario I just created. Both nodes are set to 0dB but it still only says “Volume Envelope”.

If you reset the envelope and make fades again, still the same problem? (I can’t reproduce here).

No, in fact this was a super simple demo I made just for this post. It happens every time and very easily here, even if the two nodes are the same level.