Volume goes ALL THE WAY UP every time I open Cubase! HELP

Hello, I just got Cubase and have the weirdest problem. Every time I open the program the volume on my Apogee Quartet interface goes to MAX volume! This happened once while I was trying to listen to find a video on how to fix this and it was the scariest thing ever!

Has this happened to anyone and if so, do you have a fix please? I’ve searched the options and help menu but can’t find anything.

Many thanks!

For the volume to turn up something must be turning it up. So does the Apogee have midi control and if so is it enabled? Do you have a dodgy stuck key on your keyboard (one you type on) that is doing it?

Thank you SO much for your suggestions. I checked both and unfortunately it was neither. That said, I went to the Apogee website and saw that they had a newer version of the Apogee Control module and after downloading the new version and deleting the old one I was up and running with no more issues.

I hope you have a great day and thanks again for your help!


Make sure on the control panel on the studio setup that the box “Set Device Attenuation to 0db” is unchecked. Why do I know this? Happened to me too.