volume goes down on it's own..please help!!!!

I’m using the latest Cubase 9. Running x32 Behringer, and mpk 249…When I’m working on a production, the volume of a certain vst will just turn down on its own and if I turn it back up, it happens again. I read online that "If you are mapping the MPK to Cubase, Cubase will respond to volume changes from MIDI CC 7 on different MIDI channels. Thanks in advance.

A few questions…

  • What is the VST you are having issues with?
  • Does this happen on every track or project where you use this VST or is it happening only on one track in one project?
  • Is the volume drop gradual or abrupt?

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Are you sure there isn’t any volume automation somewhere? On another track with send to the VST track?

F6 (automation panel) and Show Used may give you a clue. If you find automation you don’t want the press functions ion the automation panel and the Delete Automation Of Selected Tracks.