Volume Handle Crashing N5.1

Just started having a steady stream of crashes all relating to grabbing the Volume Handle “box” think on a wave form and adding gain.
It cost be an hours worth of work over the holiday. So i started hitting the save key like i was working in Windows 98 again. I’d click save just before i tried raising the volume and like clock work it crashes.

Anyone else seeing this?


I’ve never seen this using 5.1 almost every day.

First thing I would try is backing up your preferences then trash them and let nuendo rebuild them to see if somehow they got corrupted.

Thanks, will do.
Do you have a step by step handy?


it’s simple:

close n5
move your existing n5 prefs folder to the desktop
launch n5

you’ll now get a brand new set of prefs built at launch. if it fixes the issue you’ve got the unenviable task of getting n5 setup the way you had it. if it doesn’t fix the issue you can drag the old prefs folder from the desktop back to its original location (overwriting the newer one).

Thanks for the heads up. Well what i discovered is that a project i was working on (Movie Audio) was at 48K. For some reason when i imported this audio in, the volume handles crash. In my normal audio stuff, when making rock records n stuff…i dont have this problem. Its just isolated to this one project, which is now done.

THe pref thing did not work (on the movie audio). My old pref’s work fine on my normal projects.

Thanks for the advise on this, just the same.


Never had this issue… .

Regarding prefs - after a long time in N3 and N4 I was screwed a while ago as I had to rebuild everyting because a bluescreen while closing Nuendo. But now - after setting up countless versions of N5, N5.5, C6 etc I am quite used to it and I am able to redo all settings manually just importing some presets from the backups - keycommands, in/outs etc… Keeping a backup of the application data folder is a good idea!!