Volume in Cubase pro 8.05

When I watch Youtube videos I am struck by the volume of sound of the videos.

I use Cubase Pro 8.05, the VST instruments, without an audio interface. I fixed the volume in Mix Console at the maximum level 12 db and I set in Project Setup Dialog “Volume Max” at 12 dB.

The level of volume of sound of my videos is 2 or 3 times less then the volume of sound of the videos Youtube.
Why ? Do I have to have an audio interface (I use des VST instruments and a microphone) ?

Help …

Hi, why do you regard the YouTube Level as your reference?

Bring it down to the Level of cubase. THen adjust the total volume of your pc.

Cheers, Ernst

Have you ever heard about something called “mixing” and “mastering”? :slight_smile: