Volume in Cubase

How can I achieve the same sound levels of all Cubase recordings? Can I use some plugin?

I haven’t tried this feature, but I looked it up and found the below help page. Would be nice if the help files always told you exactly how to bring up the menus/features they refer to.

Alternatively, you could use Reaper to do it–they have a built-in normalize to a certain LUFS level feature in their Render (i.e., mixdown/export) dialogue. Makes it easy. I tried using plugins to accomplish the same thing and wasted a good hour or two getting nowhere. Of course, I guess you might have to export whatever you want to normalize from Cubase first, so you might want to try the Cubase route and see how it goes, and if it doesn’t work for you, try Reaper.

Thank you for your help. I couldn’t find the Reaper you described anywhere. Even searching in the CUBASE manual I couldn’t find it. I have CUBASE 12 Pro.

Reaper is a different program.

The normalize feature as mentioned by @greatzot can do the job, but be sure that you use “Loudness normalization”, not “peak normalization”, and not go higher than say “-20LUFS”, maybe even lower, if you have very dynamic material like drums or percussion (the manual even advises to put a limiter after the normalize, but imho with -20 to -23 LUFS one should be relatively safe in most situations).

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Thank You ! This is the most helpful answer .