Volume is too loud

I am currently using nuendo and I notice the the volume is to loud going directly from the Jack of my monitor or PC and there no way to turn down the volume unless I adjust the volume as I’m going alone. Even whan in ports music it happens on a new projects.
same thing happens in Pro Tools
But not in flstudio or other programs
Is there a fixs for it I I searched on Google and I heard it was something to do with ASIO Driver bypassing internal audio how do I solve this thanks.

Usually, it is best practice to use an external monitor controller, which is independent of your computer’s controls.
Usually, a mixing console or dedicated monitor controller will do.


I’ll be getting a monitor controller soon

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Are you really using the built in sound of your motherboard?

If so, an audio interface with a dedicated ASIO driver is highly recommended.


Yes my old sound card is not working so I’m using that for the time being