Volume issue with multi-channel tracks

So I have a multi-channel group of tracks. The issue is that volume automation next to the “group 1” track does not affect volume of any of the tracks in the “group tracks” folder. Each track has its own volume automation, but I’d like to change the volume of them all at once, not separately. Changing volume of “group 1” in the mix console also does nothing. Sorry if I’m writing a little unclearly, but english is not my native language and I don’t know professional music vocabulary very well.

Changing the Volume on multiple channels at once can be done in a few different ways.
One way is to Route each of the channel’s output to a Group channel and use the fader of this Group channel to adjust the overall volume.
Another way is to use VCA faders which do not require any audio routing.
Both Group channel faders and VCA faders can be automated.

Lets say you have 3 tracks of recorded audio that you would like to control the volume for with a single fader. Using the VCA approach, select the 3 audio channels in the Mix Console, right click and select “Add VCA Fader to Selected Channels”.
If you prefer to use Group tracks, select the 3 tracks in the Project Window, right click and select “Add Track > Group Channel to Selected Channels”.


Could you explain please how to route channel’s outputs to a group channel?

In the Mix Console, make sure you see the Routing section in the Rack.
Change the output bus to your Group channel.
In the above image, the right channel is routed to a bus named “Lead Vocals”.
Let me know if this helps.

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Yes, it helped! Thank you