Volume Issue with new cubase12 pro

I set up a microphone into my UR242 with cubase 12 pro just like i did with cubase 11. Unlike cubase 11, i have to turn my interface volume to at least 3 quarters to hear my voice. Is there a hidden volume control in cubase 12 that is different from 11. With cubase 11 my interface volume doesn’t have to be cranked to hear myself. Thanks for any help or suggestions

Did you update the audio driver for the interface.

Im using the Yamaha Steinberg usb asio driver. I’ll Google how to update it. I assumed it would have been compatible

This is the newest released in feb

Uninstalled old driver. Installed latest driver. Still same problem. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow now because I have a real job that i have to do tonight. Frustrating

Is it the same microphone?

I tried 3 different brand microphones. They all function great through my mixer which is not connected to the Ur242.

I’m sorry, but this answer is not helpful at all… the obvious is, all microphones need different settings.
And there are too many possible settings involved… but pointing out that the microphones are working is… senseless…

Is it the same volume with all microphones? Do you set the gain for each microphone?
What is dspMixFx saying? Is direct monitoring enabled?

Unfortunately, I am at work and away from my studio but tomorrow I will check dspmixfx. I did try direct monitoring both on and off and it didn’t make a difference. Volume in inspector is maxed

Im also reading through the manual for a solution to see what’s changed. Thanks for replying

Nothing changed regarding this… at least I can’t find any word on it.