Volume jumps when changing staff or having an active selecting before playback

I’ve been experiencing some particularly frustrating playback issues.
-I like to be able to audition notes by clicking on them, and I’ve set it play at a fixed volume when selecting a note. This works when I’m working on a single instrument, but then the first note I click on in another staff is ear-piercingly loud. It’s only the first note selected in a new staff though, it then remains at the chosen “fixed volume” until I select a note on another staff.
-if I have a note selected, then the playback will often make that instrument extremely loud and I have to stop, then deselect everything to fix it. This is a particularly annoying issue because I constantly use the “play from selection” command.

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In the case of instruments whose dynamics are controlled with CCs (CC1 + CC11), I have unfortunately noticed incorrect volume playback when clicking on a note.
After changing the staff, the first note I click becomes way too loud. Repeatedly clicking the same note or clicking a different note on the same staff plays back significantly quieter than notated.
During playback, however, and with velocity dynamics, the volume seems to be right to me.

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Exactly. It is driving me nuts! I am working on this really delicate string piece and I am constantly being assaulted by notes being played at fortissimo. It makes editing really uncomfortable and uneasy…
Any solutions?

From the looks of it (sounds :wink: Dorico doesn’t send any CC data to playback on note click at all.
With the appropriate program presetting (see below), the current playback volume is not changed.

In addition to playback, I use the CC lines as a visual control of the volume and am very much waiting for the dynamic line.

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Hmm, this doesn’t seem to really fix it…
Thank you though.