Volume level changes when track is glued

When I clip a track section and adjust its volume it reverts back to the original
volume when I glue the clipped section back to the main track. I get around
this by not gluing the clipped sections but that is not a wise practice. Is there
any input on this issue?

One audio event can have only one volume level. So better not to glue them together, if you want them to have different levels.

Why isn’t it “good practise”? First time I hear anything like that.

either cut using cross at zero and/or use very small Xfades, but otherwise whoever said not gluing cut events is bad practice is talking rubbish.

Or use the dynamic clip volume thing!

Yah, that was me saying it wasn’t wise to not glue the sections.
I’ve inadvertently moved sections before and lining them back up
was a hassle that went away when I started to glue the sections

Anyway, thanks for pointing out that theer could be only one volume
level for a glued track. That answered my question.