volume level (clipping)

hi everone,
I’m just learning to use cubase and have few things to clarify on volume level. (manual 116pg.)
to check volume level (clipping) on a track need to go to mix console - input bus - fader- set it to input - and check clipping - if there then need to Adjust the output level of the sound source or mixer. Other options are input bus set it to post fader- adjust the Input Gain on EQ -play back - check clipping in input bus. The signal should not exceed 0 dB. – if it does than adjust input bus fader for clipping.

Am I going right in understanding the volume part and are there any other ways to check volume.


Hello suparnat - another way to get levels right, if you are recording audio, is to turn down the input knob on the preamp/interface (easiest way is to have the faders set to input).

You mention faders set to post-fader - that can be tricky, because if your fader is low enough, it might look like there’s no clipping when there might actually be a lot! It can be done with post fader, but easisest way to do that is to keep faders at 0.0.

Finally, you wrote … “adjust the input gain on EQ …”. I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to there, and apologies for any misunderstanding … but it is very important to realize that once the signal has been allowed to enter Cubase, i.e., “get past the input buss”, there’s no way to unclip it if it is already clipped. So changing the EQ in Cubase won’t help with the goal of getting levels right to help avoid clipping … any damage would already have been done.