Volume level not working on transport bar

First off, I’m new to this forum… is there a search button anywhere that I can check to see if anyone has posted anything that resembles problems that I’m having before posting on here?
Anyhow… The output volume slider isnt working on my transport bar, and also the pan sliders wont pan on certain tracks… any ideas? Cant find anything in the manual that mentions these things may be locked out under certain circumstances.
Cheers, Bill.

Hmmm… found the search button… dosent help!

For searching use google. Preceed your search terms with


Hard to answer what you are asking since you give so few details. There isn’t a function in Cubase that locks out those function per se. Read up on the Control Room, and VST connections though.

Then connect your control room and set the appropriate preference.
Or disable the control room and uncheck the appropriate preference

And that would be what kinds of tracks…?

The circumstances are usually a wrong setup…

I’m going to suggest that your problem is one that cannot be fixed. :wink:

Hey, Thanks for the advice… eventually got it working, Didnt realise that you have to turn off the control room button from Devices/VST Connections/Studio window, dosent work just turning it off from the control room mixer window! I must have accidentally turned it on when I was checking out the new installation from C5. Also found the reason for the panning issue - when you open the channel button in the inspector section for the audio track and hover over the pan control, a little button magically appears that you can turn the pan control off and on, “off” centres the pan, “on” lets you use the control… I guess theres a lot of new things in C7!
Once again, thanks for narrowing the field for me. I just have a small set up and in no way use Cubase to anywhere near its full potential… needless to say I’ve never used the control room function before! Been using Cubase since 1998 though, was an upgrade from Music-X on an Commodore Amiga 1200 to Cubase VST on a 300mhz PC with 64mb ram and a 3 gig HDD!! Good stuff way back when :0)
Cheers, Bill.