Volume level on WL7 after saving or exporting the file

Hello in here !
im very new (newbie) on Wavelab, problem is when i export the file (save as) can’t hear the volume and effects that i added it on WL7. in fact i hear the version that i recorded (make it) with N5. im sure i did something missed something on WL7 maybe can someone tell me whats wrong with my setup.

You need to use ‘Render’ from the master section. From there you also need to tell WL what the specs of the new file are (WAV, 44k1, 16b etc.).

Luck, Arjan

i can’t see the " Render’ from the master section its like Dithering it says here on WL7

Hello, press here!


In menu use “Help” found on the right

Help / Search

in this case “Render”

bring up “Help about active window”
use cmd + ?


What is this?
shift + F1

regards S-EH

Thank you guys, i got it !!! you are the best !!! :slight_smile: