Volume loss


I use wavelab via a PT HDX audio system. Today, when playing back audio via a reference track… hitting my analog loop and then back onto a stereo track… the volume has dropped at least 10db.

When I do the same analog loop in PT the audio is fine. So it’s definitely something in the WL software.

I checked the clip gain, track, and output gain… that all looks good. check the master section fine. No volume automation on the audio file either…

Ugh… of course this happens at the worst time…

While I’d love to help, there is far from enough info here to help out. Screen shots of anything that could impact level can help, whether it’s in WaveLab or any external softer acting as a mixer for any hardware, WaveLab Master Section, Inspector faders, etc.

There is always a reason but with only vague words, it’s hard to really even guess let alone be of any real help.

Do these help?

Yeah, it’s like 15db amplitude drop.

It’s a start. I don’t see anything here that could be causing it. Are you sure the correct inputs are selected in the Recording/Buses/Device Port area?

A screen shot of that could help too, as well as the record track header and Reference Track Header.

There has to be a reason.

Also, can you tell if the level loss is on the way to your analog chain, or if it’s occurring at the input stage, or somewhere after the A/D input but before you monitor it back in WaveLab?

Thanks Justin

The ports are weird I know… feeding a Burl B16 via AES from a Lynx Aurora 16 which dupes PT into thinking it’s two interfaces.

So weird… was working fine yesterday.

I’m doing the analog pass using a reference track and input recording on a stereo track. Learned that from one of your early videos.

Thinking I should I try making an external Fx bus and seeing if the issue still happens.

Just tried external FX. Same massive volume drop. :confused:

If it was working yesterday, I don’t know what to say. I would try a more simple routing (at least for the sake of troubleshooting), or different paths. Or just power cycle everything.

I don’t see any settings that would cause any issues.

Yeah… I am at a complete loss. Guess I’m going to have to go back to protools for my analog pass.

Thanks Justin

Problem solved. There’s now a control panel for Protools HDX in Apples AudioMidi application.

Never before has there been a control panel for HDX. What the hell… UGH!

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After seeing your WaveLab settings, I figured it had to be something like that, but I don’t know the HDX system well enough to have thought of that but I am familiar with the Audio MIDI app, which for me has been on pretty good behavior so far.

Anyway, glad you got it sorted.