Volume Mix Question (Basic Entry Level Issue)

Hi, I am about to ask something that is probably super basic and something I should be aware of several years into music production. However, I am not so forgive me for the possible stupidity. This volume issues revolves around the use of samples.

I was wondering if it is possible to attain a equal, or louder, volume when using samples/layering audio files? When I add drums to a imported sample I generally have to turn the sample audio or drums (or both) down to avoid clipping/distortion. Is there a way to bring the volume back up without distorting the output? 99% of my mixdowns leave the music sounding flat and thin.

Sorry if this is a repeat question.


[Using Cubase Elements 7 on Windows 8]

Not sure if this is what u are asking but the maximiser plug in will bring the level up to a preset level, this will compress the sound so the more extreme you set it, the less dynamics will remain.
Cheers Al

Hi Al, it could well be. I will play around with the maximiser and see how it goes…I know loudness isn’t necessary the be-all and end-all of music, but my music often sounds dull and flat.