Volume of Acoustic Feedback in Key Editor

Is there a way to define the volume (note on velocity) of the acoustic feedback when you select a note?
Why is it not playing with the velocity of the note itself? I mean, if you note has velocity 64, then it should not play with velocity 127.

I did not find any information on how to setup the acoustic feedback. There is just an on/off switch.


In not at my DAW right now, so just guessing…

A) Either it’s linked to the Insert Velocity. You can find this in the Key Editor, it’s the Velocity, which is going to be applied if you insert a Note.


B) It’s defined by the Preview Volume (is the Instrument presets) in MediaBay (Rack/Window).


C) I don’t know from top of my head.

Doesn’t happen here. Each time I select a note event in an already recorded MIDI part, the feedback is played with the same velocity as recorded, unless the Edit > Preferences > MIDI > Audition through MIDI Inserts/Sends is ticked and you have a MIDI processing going on with them.

For any added note in the key editor, though, and as @Martin.Jirsak stated, the velocity is fixed by the Note Insert Velocity tool (if you don’t see it, check the Set up Toolbar dropdown list, completely at the right of the toolbar : it appears as Insert Velocity in it.

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I tried the Edit > Preferences > MIDI > Audition through MIDI Inserts/Sends setting. By default it was disabled and selecting a note in the editor played it with full velocity, but when I enabled the “Audition through MIDI Inserts/Sends” it played the note with the velocity at which it was recorded. So it is the opposite of what you wrote. If ticked → velocity of recording and if not ticked, full velocity or whereever the velocity comes from.