Volume of audio from rendered MIDI tracks

I don’t recall this having been an issue before but now when I go to render MIDI tracks to audio, the volume is almost but not quite nil. There is a wave form but it’s extremely low. I’ve checked the console fader level of the MIDI track and even experimented with the velocity data in the MIDI track but nothing seems to output decent audio.
I don’t see any discussion about this elsewhere so I have to figure this is a setting issue in my environment that I’m unaware of.
Has anyone else had this issue or can think of what I should look at? TIA

MacOS on Studio Mac M1 Silicon - Cubase 13.0.40 for Apple Silicon.

It happened to me yesterday for the first time ever. It was the “render in place” function of one midi clip of Kontakt instrument. It was about 25dB quieter to original. I tried several times, restarting Cubase etc always with the same outcome.
I’ll try again on Monday with other instruments to see if this is still happening or if it was just one time.
MacOS Sonoma (latest) Cubase 13.0.3

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I haven’t noticed anything on this front, and I have been rendering instrument tracks a fair bit lately. However, one thing I’ve been very careful to do before rendering is check the render options each time, and also make sure that anything I don’t want included in the rendered result is bypassed or set to a basic value. For example, I am mostly using channel settings to get specific plugins that I want to be part of the sound in the audio for mixing, but I don’t want any panning I’ve been using or the fader level to be included, so I’ll bypass the panner and set the fader to 0 dBFS (and make sure read automation is not turned on). I’ll also disable any plugins on the instrument track I don’t want included in the render and turn off the Pre section settings (HPF/LPF/Gain) unless I do want those involved in what is feeding any plugins I want included. (An example on the Pre section is that I don’t generally want the filters on if what I’m rendering is a virtual guitar through some amp simulators – I’ll deal with that come mixing time.)

Of course, then I have to remember to reset any values I’ve changed for the render if I want the Instrument track to go back to its old values for future uses (e.g. if I end up wanting to change the MIDI or just for archival purposes once I’ve disabled the instrument track).

FWIW, I’m on Windows 10 and Cubase Pro 13.0.40 (I had a typo previously, that said 10.0.40).

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This may be a 13.0.40 or .30 bug since I just upgraded this week and am only noticing it now. I’m working around it by rendering to audio, pushing up the gain on the audio to the max of 24 dB then exporting as a new track which is then set to 0.0 dB gain where the audio is at a reasonable level to proceed with.
Thanks for the replies.

Sorry, I had a typo in my response. I’m on Cubase Pro 13.0.40 (not 10.0.40), and that’s what I’m using to render things on my current project). I’ve at least been rendering Kontakt 7 (latest update that came this week), Superior Drummer 3, and UVI workstation runtime in the last few days.

I tried again yesterday with another midi track (same project) and it didn’t happened. I render to audio on a daily basis and it happened only once for one specific midi clip, but I could reproduce this bug every single time with several trials.
I’m still on 13.0.30 on this Mac (because I had other issues on a PC with 13.0.40) and I render to audio hundreds of times before I got this one-time bug.

So based on my case I would assume that it must be a very specific setup of midi track/instrument to get this bug.