Volume of my sample editor is very low

I don’t understand it, but the volume of my sample editor is very low and I can’t see anything to adjust it. I’m using the Control Room, but listening with my Mediabay is perfect, so it’s not that. Does anyone have any idea what’s causing this anti-productive mystery?

Update: I’ve just discovered the mini arrow cursor, as big as a pinhead, as if Steinberg wanted to save pixels. Please Steinberg, for everyone’s sake, give that arrowhead a square or a real cursor shape!

However, another problem. There’s a discrepancy when I listen to it, every other time or more. I read a segment and if I want to listen to it again, there’s a discrepancy between the sound I heard and the wave form. A big mismatch. And there’s no loop in action, or any other impediment. I’m surprised to see so many bugs in a program that’s only in its 12th version.

Update: If I remove the Asio-Gard, everything’s fine, everything’s in sync. But why? I’m not sure I want to disable the Asio-Gard. But so far, basically, it seems okay. Thanks to those in the know for providing the relevant information here.