Volume pedal only sending velocity of 105 instead on 127?


I’m recording some Hammond tracks at the moment triggering either AcousticSamples B5 V3 or IK B-3X with an M-Audio Code 61 midi controller keyboard. I’ve noticed that when I use the volume/swell pedal I’m only getting a max velocity of 103 instead on 127? Amy ideas why this is happening? The volume pedal is controlling the “Main Volume” midi data (CC 7).



Add MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert and check what does the pedal really send out. Double check the settings in M-Audio Code 61, if the limit is not set to 103 (or 105) there, please.

I know this is an old post, but did you ever resolve it. I has same problem and purchased a new pedal. Same problem… Set it up properly, but didn’t resolve issue.
Michael Warren