Volume problems in Dorico 3

I have recently upgraded to V3. The following did not happen in V2, or I never noticed it.

I set up new score - new instruments. Select bar 1 of the instrument I want to play into. (BTW I always use real time input)
Before recording I play the instrument - it sounds great.

Then I start record and suddenly the volume has reduced by at least half and I can’t hear what I am playing. When I play it back it is also very quiet.

I don’t want Dorico to change the volume. It’s like Dorico is subtracting something from the volocity of every note.

I even had to arrange something in Sibelius today - that’s how bad this is!

It’s driving me crazy!

Any advice would be wonderful!

Welcome to the forum, CJK. What sounds are you using? Are you using the normal ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template, or are you using some other sounds? When you start recording you should hear the music played at the same volume that you play, because Dorico’s echoing the notes right back to you instantly. For playback, you might consider adding dynamics, which is the usual way of controlling the volume of the playback (both in Dorico and for humans, of course!).

I added Bass to my ensemble and found the playback for the bass was too loud. I clicked on the ‘F’ (Dynamics Lane) and lowered the volume for the bass. When I went back to play the piece, other instruments also became quieter. When I check their dynamic lane Dorico also reduced their volume also. I could even watch multiple parts being reduced when just trying to reduce one part. How do I reduce the volume for just a single instrument? I’m using HAlion Sonic SE instruments. Also using Dorico 3.5.10

I use the Dorico Mixer.

most likely you have linked dynamics at the point in the score you are trying to adjust-- for instance if the most recent marking was mf on one part and then you copied it (or the entire passage) to the other parts, the dynamics become automatically linked. To unlink, right click for the context menu in Write, choose "dynamics and “remove from group” with your bass mf selected. You should then be able to move the bass dynamic independently.

If you change a master volume in the mixer, it will not affect other instruments so if indeed the bass is simply too loud throughout, then the Mixer is the way to go, as Derrek says.

Thanks for the response.
I copied the lowest instrument to create the Bass part. It obviously copied any ‘linked’ dynamics. However, in Play mode, changing one instrument volume should not change the volume of any other instrument unless multiple instruments are selected. That would be the most obvious method of changing volumes in this mode. It really doesn’t make sense to change the volume of all instruments that you entered a dynamic for. It makes perfect sense in write mode to do that, but not here.
I also like your idea of using the mixer to lower the volume for a dynamic range. In my case, it might work the easiest.