Volume problems in Dorico 3

I have recently upgraded to V3. The following did not happen in V2, or I never noticed it.

I set up new score - new instruments. Select bar 1 of the instrument I want to play into. (BTW I always use real time input)
Before recording I play the instrument - it sounds great.

Then I start record and suddenly the volume has reduced by at least half and I can’t hear what I am playing. When I play it back it is also very quiet.

I don’t want Dorico to change the volume. It’s like Dorico is subtracting something from the volocity of every note.

I even had to arrange something in Sibelius today - that’s how bad this is!

It’s driving me crazy!

Any advice would be wonderful!

Welcome to the forum, CJK. What sounds are you using? Are you using the normal ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template, or are you using some other sounds? When you start recording you should hear the music played at the same volume that you play, because Dorico’s echoing the notes right back to you instantly. For playback, you might consider adding dynamics, which is the usual way of controlling the volume of the playback (both in Dorico and for humans, of course!).