Volume problems

Hey folks,

I’m recording my drumset with micrphones via my audio interface and Cubase LE5. The problem is the volume of all my tracks after I record them. I can’t hear them well, so I have to increase the volume of my PC to the maximum to hear them as a normal volume. The peaks of my tracks don’t exceed -3dB.

Also, I found that the gain level of my inputs are really low. So, I know that the problem is there, but when I increase the gain of them, I have lots of distortion. So how can I fix that?

Is there a way to increase the input volume in Cubase? Is this a problem with my interface? Please help me.

Thank you

Is this a problem with my interface?

Hard to tell, without even knowing what your interface is, how you have connected it to what.

I have a Tascam US-1800. I have microphones that I plug in via XLR and then I connect my interface via USB to my PC.

Hi there, I am completely new to this forum so I’m not too sure how I should post information so I do apologise if I don’t follow the normal procedures that you guys have.

I have a Tascam US-122mkii and have noticed that it only contains one knob for both the line out and phones outputs. I am a total beginner with home recording and I was wondering whether anyone could shed some light on how I may be able to adjust this as I only want playback from the phones when I am recording so my microphone won’t pic up the sound from the monitors. I would really appreciate some help with this.



First off, start a new topic!

Second, turn off your speakers!

Hi there,
I do apolgise, I have literally just made an account and this seemed to be the most relevant topic I found, just started a new one, so I wont be a hassle anymore. I know i could turn off the monitors each time but I want to be able to only have playback in my headphones by doing something really easy (using a knob on the interface), rather than having the hassle of turning off both switches off/on when I wish to hear the monitors.

Take it easy!


Then buy an interface that has such a knob…

I have the same problem with my Tascam 1800
Watching this thread. Not necessary opening a new one :smiley: