Volume Spikes Occur Randomly Upon Playback

It seems most of my sessions are now having this issue. I’m playing back audio and then BLAMMO. A random track or group decides to spike +10db (my guess), clipping the meter and progressing my inevitable tinnitus. To be clear, it doesn’t literally up the fader; it just pumps a lot more volume through a random track for no apparently explainable reason.

It usually lasts for about 10 seconds and then returns to normal. Here’s the other thing though. It’s showing up when I bounce MIXDOWNS. Random 10 seconds of a random stem bumped up 10db in a random part of the song. If it sounds like I’musing the word “random” a lot, you’re right. I don’t know what’s causing this. Sessions that worked fine a couple weeks ago now have this problem.

As far as plugin issues, I do use Slate Virtual Mix Rack on a lot tracks. That’s probably the closest thing that’s constant. I use pretty much every other plugin developer as well. It’s just so hard to pinpoint what’s going on. Just curious if I’m alone?

Cubase 10.030 Pro
Windows 10 Professional

Could you export the tracks individually and see if it happens on any one(s) in particular?