Volume suddenly goes to full

Hi all,

I have an issue with Cubase where, when I’m switching between another application and cubase, the volume suddenly goes to 100% on my mac.

So I’m looking at Cubase doing stuff (volume 3/10), I switch over to Google to find out why “stuff” didn’t work (volume 3/10) then back to Cubase (volume 10/10). This is really bad if I happen to be listening to an instructional video while messing around with Cubase. When I switch back from YouTube to Cubase and the volume goes to 10/10, it almost deafens me. One day it’ll deafen me properly and there’ll be little point in owning a product like Cubase!

How do I stop this?


What audio interface are you using?


I’m using the NI Komplete Audio 6 - although I’m not using it for output - I’m using the macbook speakers.

I should also point out that this seems to only happen after Cubase has been active for a while. A restart of the laptop seems to resolve it - something I’d prefer not to have to do though.


Actually, I’m wrong. I restarted the macbook, but it’s still doing it.

Right, I’ve isolated the problem to the output device I’m using on the mac which is a product called Boom from Global Delight Technologies. Boom3D - Best Volume Booster & Equalizer for Mac and Windows. I’ll report the problem to them.