Volume too high on all tracks -automatic reduction procedure requested

Is there a simple way to reduce all volumes of all audio tracks. All 36 tracks have automated volume mapping and are all too high. Is there a way as in Logic to mark all tracks and reduce the overall level and does this automatically reduce the volume mapping? OR - do I have to reduce the mapped volumes on all tracks individually?

Send them all to a bus and reduce volume on that bus! ?

But isn’t that just the same as just reducing the volume on the main stereo output or does the bus reduce the individual channel levels?

It is! if you have volume automation on every track you can reduce automation by the same amount on all . Beware that you will change the signal feeding compressors and other processing .
If you are happy with the mix just lower the master then!

OK thanks, it looks like I have to do it the hard way and of course you are right about the audio processors, hadn’t thought of that one. Let’s get down to work.
By the way, you probably know the volume changing feature in Logic where you mark all channels and can alter the volume of all channels with one fader. Is there a similar feature in Cubase 11?

You can assign a VCA, its possible in Cubase too.

From mixer, select all tracks, Q Link, then lower them as you like.

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That sounds like the best idea, thanks a lot Pedro and have a good night!

What’s Q Link?

Hello,you can use the function NORMALIZE,on the audio menu,and assign it to a shortcut.for example N

Thanks everybody, found the Q Link feature and it works well apart from messing up a couple of MIDI tracks and their volumes.

That won’t work because the Automation is on and will just take the fader back to where the automation wants it.

Q-Link lets you select multiple Channels in the MixConsole and temporarily Quick Link them so anything you do to one will happen on all the Linked Channels.

You could use it by:

  1. Selecting all desired Channels
  2. Q-Link them
  3. Open the Pre section in the Rack
  4. Lower the Pre Gain
  5. Turn off Q-Link

Q Link does change the automation mapping but it messed up the volume settings on one track and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Annoying. It worked on all other tracks.

Not that it helps now, but for future use. Before doing something big and potentially error prone, I always use Save As… to create a safety copy - e.g. “ProjectName before rendering.cpr”

If you have a .bak file from before the edit you could use “Import Tracks From Project…” to recover the Track.

The reason I suggested adjusting the Pre Gain is because it super easy to back out of or fine-tune if needed on specific Tracks.

Thanks for the tip raino, volume settings back to normal after reloading. CPU load has suddenly shot up to peak on MacBook Pro, 16Gb RAM, 2.3 GHz 8-core Intel i9, memory 16GB running Big Sur 11.5.2.
Will restart.

I don’t quite get why you want to do this?
I don’t think Cubase clips even if you go over the “red line” in the mixer section.
If you feed into some particular distortion plugin, or convert to the output device, when it’s “in the red” then it will clip, but before the, there really isn’t much of a problem.
When I find that my output clips, I turn down the main, otherwise I just let it sit the way it sounds good.

Maybe there’s some use case here that I’m not seeing?

The main reason is the mix. It´s quite common that during mixing there is a tendency for everything to creep up leaving no more “mix” headroom when you realise something which becomes too quiet has to be turned up when it´s already “in the red” OR everything else has to be turned down. I always have a limiter on the stereo output to prevent clipping and I always normalise my audio tracks sometimes tweeking the peak levels.
At least one forum member mentioned the “Q Link” function of which I was not aware and that works just fine.

Many thanks anyway for your reply,

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Thanks raino, good suggestion. At least the “Q Link” suggestion from another forum member was exactly what I was looking for.

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Why don’t you select all audiotracks and change their gain in off-line audio processing? You can lower all the volumes by the exactsame amount without messing with anything like automation and so on…

Hi Warning Studios,
many thanks for the reply, sounds like a safe idea. I did however receive a reply which suggested the “Q Link” function via a VCA channel which reduces the fader gain AND volume automation in one simple step.

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