i have the UR22 card and i get the lite cubase 8 element with it. (and win 7 64 bit)
there’s a problem with the volume of the audio but also in the vst midi recording at the program
it’s on the high level in the card gain inpute and output
and also in the vst and audio channels settings
\the vocal audio very low level at the recording
how can i fix it?
thank you


Does your microphone need a phantom power? If yes, is it switched on?

Hi Martin
i don’t know what is phantom i have SHure mic 58 …
now i can’t even hear the vocal anymore


This mic doesn’t need the phantom power.

Did you set the Input Gain on your sound card?

I have the same issue with my UR28M, I just have mics set to full gain and it just abut works

Every mic is different. Coul be, the mic is not sensitive enough, and the signal is not strong. Than you really have to turn the gain to high level.

so you saying that’s it the mic problem? but it’s good mic…

No, I said, you have to set it up correctly, regarding the microphone, and every single microphone is different.

Shure 58 is microphone for live, not for studio. Which means, it is not so sensitive. But it should work too, of course. …If you increase the Gain.

First check your mic input is high.
Get the led on your UR22 to light up then turn down a bit.
Check Mixer input volume in Cubase.
Record audio.
Then process your audio afterwards.
This makes it much louder.

… But with the noise, you recorded already.

Never had a problem with my shure sm58.
Try a different cable to your sm58 maybe you have a badly solderd connection.