Volumes problems

Hey guys, this might sound a little confusing so I’ll try to explain this the best I can.

So the project that I have been working on has been working just fine without any issues until now. Basically, at certain points of the song, and only for a few seconds, the volume turns up quite a bit to the point You can barely hear the other tracks.

Software I am using:

Bass: Reaktor 5
Drums: Maschine 2
Leads: Halion

Now you might be telling me to post this in the Native Instruments forum, but this happens even in the Halion tracks where at a few points in the song where the volume magically gets turned up and I have no idea why. No automation is used. All the volume settings that I can possibly see stay the same throughout the project. Some of my tracks do have the delay insert, however I am certain that is not the issue because the volume bug happens to appear even on tracks where the delay is disabled.

I figured that this problem was a programming bug (I copy and paste often) so I checked my programming, However I can see that no notes overlap each other at all in the project. So I am quite unsure where the problem might be. I’ve even tried re-copying and pasting the sections of the songs that don’t have this bug, and the volume bug still persists.

This may sound confusing, so I think that only those who might have had this issue I’m describing will know what I’m talking about. If this is confusing I apologize. It’s to the point where it’s really frustrating me as I was adding more tracks to make the song sound better, but with this bug it sounds worse. Again, no automation whatsoever is used, and all the volume settings I could possibly change are the same throughout the song.

Thanks for your help!

So I just figured out the issue. Somehow when I edited the notes I put them an octave higher than I wanted, which then caused the high volume. Also somehow there was an overlapping over the entire track which then “doubled” the notes that was being played. Wish I had figured that out sooner. Everything’s good now.