Vote for Cubendo !

Not sure if this poll is very representative but Nuendo/Cubase deserve more votes! :smiley:

We are # 1 when I checked this morning… now, where’s the prize? :wink:

Added mine!

It’s probably because Cubendo users are the only ones to bother with stuff like this. :laughing:

39-39 with protools when I pushed over the 40 line when I checked this morning! Seems I pushed hard enough? :sunglasses:

now 72 (me)

now 78 (incuded me)

118 including me ,myself and i !

come on guys, tear them down!!!

today Logic 180 - Cubendo 208!

Hmmm, can’t vote, I’m not registered…

please register. :wink:
it is worth it. and gearslutz is a very fine forum, especially for daw user.