Vote for the feature request now when we can!

True of course. I have no direct insight but I think they are seeing how some of this works out. It’s very early days for this forum (and a quick :+1: for it as it’s a much more friendly and useful place now) so lets see what (if!) they do to develop it.

The voting system does no harm - apart from possibly setting a false expectation…

What? The votes are limited? This forum doesn’t age very well …

Votes do not befit our situation. A viable workaround is this:

Beneath the first post (that cannot be liked, only voted) the OP can double post (bad form I know), and we like the feature request there. Likes are many more and replenish. So problem solved?

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@Dr.Strangelove you’re right. Worked, perfectly! Guess I was afraid to use multiple votes on the same topic and didn’t click “Vote” again. Sounds stupid but I’ve seen voting systems like that.
Maybe the button should change to “Unvote” when you’ve voted on a topic.

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After using the forum for a while, I’m of the opinion that votes are not useful at all, and I hope it gets turned off.

There are several problems, the main one being that it’s not clear what the vote is for, because only the most narrowly defined request presents a binary choice.

The like button is basically the same, and does not give the wrong message votes do- mainly that a vote carries some specific meaning, which it does not.

I agree - I don’t think I’ve actually used one yet…or a least not on purpose :slight_smile:

Totally agree.

But it’s odd that the initial post cannot be Liked yet all the responses can.

I looked at the votes as just another sort method. if you go into the Cubase forum, and click the ‘Votes’ tab, it takes you to a page where all the posts in the forum are organized by # of votes. So, it sort of acts like Reditt:

Maybe we’ll get the Phrase Synthesizer:

Imo, that could be useful after 6 months or a year of accumulation, as people can retract their votes and move it to a different feature they now feel is more important.

Hm. I see the heart,

and I could see it via a non moderator account as well. Do you see it now?

not in the Cubase forum no

I do see it at the top of this thread. But within the last couple of days I wanted to use it on a post (don’t recall what) and it wasn’t there. Some sort of glitch I suppose.

I think there is a limit that resets. I noticed the :heart: missing on some post, and the next day it was there.

for me it never shows on the first post, at least in Cubase forum

This forum is getting more confusing every time I look at it. I tried to stay positive and maybe find something good about the voting. but the whole thing is just floating? We can’t just find stuff by going to the forum and search for it. Everything is in some volatile state and you have to guess and more often than before I give up and try something else. I’m not sure this is better than the old forum? And the old forum looked like the PHPBB forums has been looking like for 15 years so it’s not wrong to try to change it either …

forums working great for me… i dont get what the problem is?

as I stated above, the voting is just another way to organize and prioritize posts. go check out the vote page I linked above. if you see something you like, then add your vote to it, or find something else to vote on.

Everyone gets a 5 votes, so vote on what is important you, or a post you like, on an issue that bugs you. If you want to switch votes later on, retract one for the other.

Can you show an example? I’ve found the search to work really well here.

Also, if you have posted to a topic, replies are shown in the drop down menu under your avatar in the upper right. (corrected)

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Can confirm search works 100x better. previous forum wouldn’t even allow me to search ‘Windows 7’. it was useless

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The only complaint I have regarding the search function, is that it takes you just to the post within a topic. What this means is that if you have a veeeeery veeery long post, you’ll have to manually scroll within until you reach the result.

Just try to pinpoint a command by search in the thread below. Now it’s very hard, but in the old layout you could Ctrl-F and do an ordinary search and then use the search field’s arrows to skip to each search result. I know it’s my fault for choosing to format it in this way, but I couldn’t predict the future.

yes, that is partially true - but if you look at top of the page and use the ‘discourse search’ you can select ‘search this topic’ - works really well - much better than the old forum IMO

The old forum posts often went over several pages so the ‘ctrl-f’ method wasn’t perfect,

Yes, I know about “search this topic”, what I’m saying is a bit different. Click on the link above and then “search this topic” for “Mute Pre-Send when Mute”. It should point you to post #26. Now if you click on the search result, so that it takes you there, you’ll see that it takes you to the top of post #26. But the result itself is waaaay waaaaay lower, to the bottom of the post.

A niche case, yes.

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