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This basically means hobbyists, that spend more time chatting on the forum than pros, will be taken into greater consideration. This is not good news, I rely on Steinberg software to make a living and only show up here a few times a year.

I understand hobbyists and semi-pros represent a relevant share of paying customers and that is to be respected but are you sure giving them a priority vote, over the pros, is the best way to develop better, more solid software?


The voting is an experiment, and is not the sole method of mapping the future of Cubendo by any means.

But your observation is valid.

So how can we find out more about this? Where do we check our vote allocation? Are votes use-em or lose-em or do they accumulate indefinitely? Are new votes allocated on some predictable time schedule? This information would be most helpful.

hi dmbaer

when you vote it tells you how many votes you have left - and when you look at you profile you can see what you have voted for.

More votes are allocated when you move through the various member levels - and that’s not just how long you’ve been here but how many times you post, how often you visit etc…so keep visiting and keep posting useful posts and you get more votes…

use 'em or lose 'em ? - well you can unvote too so you can keep moving them about…but you don’t lose them.

Nothing prevents you to take 5 minutes of your time to make a post where you propose something constructive for your workflow, I am pretty sure that if there’s anything worth implementing also such “hobbyists” would spend a vote to push your idea.

Perhaps these 'hobbyists", that spend their time chatting on the forums (and thus exchanging with other Cubase users), just for the fact that they use the software outside of a “stressing job” can come up with alternate or more creative workflow proposals that a person busy because of work has no time to explore.


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Go, that’s voted.
Also ppl that puts +1 (also in your post) should be aware that it doesn’t count as a vote and if they care they should actually use the vote button.

Yup, I’m aware of that.

Cheers mate!

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Great idea ! But does this includes solving reported bugs ?
Like this one (still unsolved 3 years later) Playback Cursor becoming Tiny BLACK!

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+1 for this being purely features. A separate page for either requested bugfixes or a comprehensive list of mostly commonly occuring issues would be a great asset. Sometimes some bugs may have simple solutions, but the information is too dispersed and easily lost.


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This voting system is a little bit crap. Mattias says 'Vote for your… bla…bla…". But before when? What is the timeline here? If it is for November 2023 then I won’t be voting until just before then. Or is Sterinberg data mining so they can develop a marketing strategy? :face_vomiting:

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who cares just vote and see what happens :metal:


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So it’s not like a real survey as such, where the moderators are actually going to post the results of the vote tally giving us an idea of what features are going to be prioritised?. It’s just a bit of fun at this point. Yay!!

No it’s more like reddit, where the devs can see what is trending on the forum.

Couldn’t we consider each person’s vote having the same weight (+1 to the thread)? That seems fairer imo. Something like this: