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This voting system is a little bit crap. Mattias says 'Vote for your… bla…bla…". But before when? What is the timeline here? If it is for November 2023 then I won’t be voting until just before then. Or is Sterinberg data mining so they can develop a marketing strategy? :face_vomiting:

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who cares just vote and see what happens :metal:


If you vote just before a release it clearly isn’t going to be incorporated. These things aren’t a 5 minute job for compilers and programmers, they need months and sometimes more than a year to develop a new feature.

And if a marketing strategy is giving users what they want, what’s the problem?


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So it’s not like a real survey as such, where the moderators are actually going to post the results of the vote tally giving us an idea of what features are going to be prioritised?. It’s just a bit of fun at this point. Yay!!

No it’s more like reddit, where the devs can see what is trending on the forum.

Couldn’t we consider each person’s vote having the same weight (+1 to the thread)? That seems fairer imo. Something like this:


I realise I’m being dumb, but where is this list against which I’m to apply a vote?

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It’s posts with the #feature-request tag.

OK, thanks. I’ve never used tags before - I suppose I’ll get used to it.

A bit obscure, though…

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In case you didn´t notice, Houston is available again in Cubase Pro 11.0.10.

All the best.

Thanks Roger, all good, Houston working perfectly. One happy user who is enjoying the latest release.

Covid-19, keep your distance. Staying apart keeps us together.

Nice to hear that!
Have fun!


Good news
thanks. a lot for notice

That in itself is a little ironic

I’ll close this for the time being, people are posting actual feature requests here, which is not the purpose of this topic. (please read the original post)

It will be reopened when needed.