Vote here for Groove Agent 4!


But can we have the bugs in GA3 fixed?

Personal feature request, more prog rock playing styles in different time signatures (GA is very lacking here compared to some later products), and “celtic” drum styles

Got my vote! ofcourse make it an update to GA3 with vst3 technology, ala 64bit, so I can take advantage of huge RAM. Dont like using a bridge. so I am in 32 mode which is fine most of the time. :smiley: .


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+1 yup I’d probably buy in


Groove Agent 4 would be great. I’m not a fan of fishing through hundreds of MIDI files to get a good groove and I like the idea and ease of use of virtual drummers. There aren’t many options out there:

  • Strike (RTAS only)
  • JamStix (Win only)
  • MDrummer

I remember using Strike on PT and how much I liked the ease of use and ability to get grooves out quickly. Again no fishing through MIDI files. I would much prefer a GA 4 offering from Steinberg with VST 3 and full Cubase integration.

Ease of use would be a must and the ability for us to use our own samples would be great. I never use Groove Agent ONE because I use HALion 4 to host and manage all of my drum samples.

The virtual drummer is the main draw to a GA 4 product for me.

Yes !!!

64bit support with OSX would be great.
And more (percussion) styles.

I´m voting for GA4.



Yes to GA 4 and please improve the interface :slight_smile:


Fewer bugs would be nice. :slight_smile: Otherwise I can’t really think of major changes. Maybe some improvements to UI, sample quality, improved exporting GA notes to a drum track for replacing the samples with something else…

In fact, GA 3.5 would alone make me quite happy.

yes :smiley:

I vote yes. If it worked as well in 64 bit platform as it does in 32 I would pay for a upgrade. I like the grooves that are in GA3 However more would be better as well.



+1 for me. But, I have my doubts whether it will happen. An improved version would be on my shopping list

Ok so there’s Halion Sonic SE and the full Halion Sonic. Why not create a Groove Agent 4 with current functionality but have it the big brother of Groove Agent One ( similar interface would be fine) and add built in beat making like Ultra Beat in that other Daw :wink: That way we can do away with an extra window ( plugin Beat Designer) Cheers!

+1 from me too.

Important issue even for a 3.1 version : Exporting midi files to a drum track, as it used to be in CB 4 & 5

I totally agree: +1


And while you’re at it - could you update GA3 so it will work with Cubase 6/7 Win7 64 bit?!? I can’t believe after all this time, 64 bit is still not supported by Steinberg on this amazing VST!