Vote Live performances features request

i am an italian songwriter and I use cubasis for my compositions. I don’t have a band and I’d like also use cubasis for my live performances. So I have had an idea for a feature that can help to render more dynamic the execution of a song. I will try to explain my idea but I am sorry, I don’t speak a good english and so I don’t know if I can be very understandable.
I think it would be wonder if I can register some loop with different instruments before the performance and during the show I could mute and unmute some of these efficently.
For example, if I have a song composed by 4 chords in 4 beats, I can register these 4 beats on an audio track with the acustic guitar and reproducing it playing it on loop. In some other track I can register a drum set, the bass, the strings, and so on, all to put in loop and, maybe, leave a free audio track to play the electric guitar or the piano on live. During the live show I’d like to let play some of these track and mute some other, then unmute some of its and mute some other, and so on, to increase the dynamic of the song.
I’ve thinked that can be very helpfull to do this to have a separated system to mute and unmute the tracks, in particular group of tracks. For example, a feature that can allow the possibility to highligth some tracks (f.e with a checkbox) and to apply the same command to all of these (mute, unmute, solo). Greatfull if it could program the process also leaving the possibility to act manually.
So, this my idea. I hope to be able to explain it well and I am very grateful for your attention. I hope it wasen’t be a waste of time for you.