Vote on your favorite D4 features!

It’s nicely described by Anthony Hugues in one of his great videos…
Check at 2min53 Jump bar video


Lots of little improvements have been great for me! Here are a few that I haven’t seen discussed that much.

  1. The option to snap Breaks to barlines. 99.9% of the time I don’t want to split a bar across a system. Because it was so easy to do it accidentally I always had to proofread for it, now I don’t. (It can always be unchecked if I do need to split a bar in a project)

  2. The option to disallow MIDI chord symbol input. I never use MIDI chord symbol input and hate the “have Dorico guess at chords” mode, preferring to just type them in myself. Sometimes I would have the chord input cursor active but need to play a voicing to make sure I had all the alterations correct, then look up at the screen and realize I had input an entire system’s worth of nonsense. No worries with that anymore.

  3. Chord symbol parentheses, great for optional chords, analysis, etc.

  4. Move to Next and Move to Previous has been discussed a bunch, but it really is a timesaver when casting off.

  5. Beam separation. It’s now possible to do this for example and avoid any wedges:

  6. Erase Background for chord symbols. This is now just a click away and not an annoying workaround with Text.

  7. More center line stemming options. In D3.5 if I had Notes/Stems/Default stem direction set to Down, I would get this:

The downstems are simply wrong here IMO. In D4, I can now get this and still have a center line quarter note default to down not up:

  1. The new Gap after Last Rhythm Dot setting. No more issues where the dot ends up closer to the following note than the note it’s modifying, like this example from D3.5:

  2. In D3.5, once you manually adjusted a chord symbol, it was no longer copyable. Now it’s easy to copy a manually adjusted chord wherever needed.

  3. It’s a minor visual thing, but you can now hide the purple Chord Symbol Region bar. I think in D3.5 that was literally the only non-musical element that was impossible to hide without using print preview.


I don’t think I should claim credit, but it’s really good to see a few minor improvements that I’ve asked for as FR - “duplicate layout” for example will be extremely useful. Also I did suggest a version of the Jump bar at one point (I think I mentioned a universal popover), custom templates (many people have asked for this though) and probably a couple of other bits.

Just great to know that our feedback on the forum makes some sort of difference :slight_smile:


Duplicate layout is really a great time saver, when I have a director that asks for both a transposed and concert pitch full scores! Previously, I had to save the file as… and change the option, rework the whole formatting, and had to correct things twice where corrections were needed.


Only 400 %? You can insert multiple retakes at once now. Perhaps I always missed something, but according to me that wasn’t possible until now.

Ooo I missed that. Thanks!!

Jump bar, by a mile. It’s just so customizable.

There are a few little big things for me, like omitting hyphens at the start of lines. In a 700-page hymnal, the number of times I would have had to drag hyphens off the page… I shudder to think about it.


I made the choice list just from the headline features on the Steinberg site, only added the Jump bar as an afterthought based on your thread praising it yesterday. Interesting that it has turned out to be #1 in popularity!

I haven’t even begun to think about good aliases yet

I started a list, then stopped. It’s so flexible and easy to configure, I have a feeling it’ll grow organically based on the project.

Some of my most common key commands are already fixed in my fingers, like Duplicate to Staff Below. But filtering is a huge one for me already: j, f, plus whatever.


I have a feeling this will be very useful if you have a laptop with touch screen!

The new shortcut V is amazing – I used to have three separate shortcuts for Move to next/previous voice, Swap voice contents – all now taken care of with V.


I have one and it includes a stylus, but it is clumsy because the screen is mostly vertical.

Combo feature! Put templates, Group Instruments and Sketch Instruments together for a really neat template which includes sketching and the full score for orchestration

Create a Sketch score which just contains sketch instruments - the main choirs of the orchestra plus keyboard, or whatever. Make it a group to be clear it’s separated from teh rest of the score. Do your initial writing in this sandbox, then later the lines can be easily copied/pasted to the main score and fully orchestrated.

To be clear much of this could be done before, but this is so much cleaner, and with templates to boot!


Chord symbol parentheses, yes yes yes! :wink:


Only 3 chances to vote ???

I love you


Paste articulations is the most usefull feature for me.
But I also enjoy filters, the V shortcut and engrave mode improvements.


Wasn’t it amazing to view all those videos! Mind blowing!

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This is the biggest time saver for me too.

Dorico is really starting to act like a good word processor, a la Paste Special Format, etc. Very nice!

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It is beautiful … I am discovering a lot of new things that may not be striking but which are wonderful for me! Now it is possible to make the chord symbols appear even under a single staff, it is a request that I made months ago and that has been taken into consideration !! THANKS TEAM !!!