Vote on your favorite D4 features!

It really is a god-send.

I love all new features!
Thank you dev team!! Incredible job.
Works like a charm!

A really small thing, but I leave Dorico up all the time when I sleep the computer. Really nice to not get that annoying dialog complaining about the license not being found on wakeup. Couldn’t help be annoyed thinking “couldn’t you just poll a bit and not give up on the first try?” Now I wake the computer and Dorico is all ready and eager to help me :grin:

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On my Mac, previous Dorico versions would keep the display from going to sleep. Now, when I leave D4 open, I get to see my computer’s screensaver again - I had forgotten what it looked like! I’m not sure if this is a new thing in Dorico, or if my system has changed in an update somehow, but it’s very welcome.

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Rearrangement of the menu’s, with all the settings under Library. There’s still focused menus just for Play, Engrave etc, but now those are tight and really contain just items relevant to the mode, and not the universal settings menu. Much easier to use now.


Just so I’m clear (couldn’t find this in the docs, probably in there somewhere though) -

Select a note

  • Shift-V is to create and move the not to that voice
  • V moves to a different existing note

Any other uses of this for voice management or does that cover it? Thanks -

That’s it, Dan. The main thing is that you don’t have to do any re-entry or select, filter, and reassign, etc. It’s much faster and more fluid and really makes cleaning up imports or midi transcriptions much easier.

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Hunh, my Keyboard Covers Dorico keyboard, which was made for 3.5, has V (no modifier) as “Next Voice” - same as it is in 4 per checking the jump bar for Next Voice (V). So what’s new exactly?

Before it used to work only in Note Entry, for notes you were about to type/play in. Now it works for any selected notes!


Not a fan of the new colour though, is that a Steinberg thing?

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Invoke the carrot!


I never really thought about it but the caret itself is also orange. Huh!

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What about “Change Voice to Next Voice on Staff”? This was a keybind in 3.5. I bound it to backslash, and I used it a lot.

EDIT: Fixed actual name of keybind (it’s not “Move to Next Voice”, it’s “Change Voice to Next Voice on Staff”)

I feel is its faster (quick tests only) I hope this allowed this list.

It is faster. Daniel made mention of some parts that would be faster or not. But perceptually I can zip around the application so much quicker, in the parts where it matters. Such as changing modes (Print still requires a wait while it builds the document but that’s fine).

Any selected note-thingy I think including the Key editor

Yes but that’s no fun because they’re not remotely like carrots!

Jump bar is making filtering trivial and quick :slight_smile: Love it!

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–Love the Change Voice

–It does seem faster, but it is (on my machine) a little slower to Save. Not an issue.

–Color options are nice, but might not be new?

–Toggle View

–Improved layout handling - easier to make into system.

I had not noticed the colour options - totally loving this! Strangely appropriate for my current project…