Voucher to upgrade to version 8

I just purchased a Yamaha THR10 which came bundled with Cubase AI 6. I am using Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

After much research and struggle (the license server being down for the past two days didn’t help) I have managed to successfully install and register version 6. Of course this required downloading a newer eLicenser, a new Steinberg Application Installer, and many failed rounds of attempting to activate.

Now I see a voucher in my account allowing me to upgrade to version 8 for a “special price” of $9.99.

I believe version 8 should have been bundled with the Yamaha THR10 in the beginning. I respectfully request a free voucher to upgrade to version 8 without charge.


Look for my previous posts. Eventually, I got a refund and a pathetic explanation that it was not the right upgrade. Someone else said they managed to register the upgrade, but I could not, even on a new hard drive.