Voxengo Curve EQ not part of Cubase Artist 7/7.5?

I’m just looking for confirmation that this plug-in is meant to expire. I got used to it, but I see now that it’s only listed under the features of the full version of Cubase, and my license seems to have run out. I intentionally didn’t install any trial versions, wanting to avoid this kind of situation, so part of me is still hoping this is some kind of mistake? :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I have understood from http://www.dv247.com/news/Cubase%207%205%20Comparison%20Chart/133481 it’s not part of Cubase Artist indeed.

Thanks, GalbE! That’s a nice link. I prefer when a comparison chart explicitly states that a feature is or isn’t included in a specific version of the software.

(I see now that the full comparison chart PDF on the Steinberg site does the same… for some reason I couldn’t find the Voxengo plug-in on there last time I checked. Weird!)