Voxengo Curve EQ Update


can someone tell me, the Voxengo Curve EQ that is included in Cubase 7 is version 3.1.3

Voxengo just released Version 3.2. is it possible to update from their website or do we have to wait for Cubase to stick it in an update?

I also noticed that the version in Cubase 7 has a “.VST3” extension and i downloaded the update and its just a “.dll”



Cheers for insight on this


This link here might explain it: http://www.voxengo.com/forum/ar/3148/

Voxengo aren’t doing VST3 for their vanilla release, and the one in Cubase is a special exception. I’m guessing, from the looks of that thread, the one we got is only getting updated by Steinberg.

Thanks for the info

Aloha J,

Just wonder how you are getting along with this plug.

I cannot seem to get my head wrapped around it just yet.

Has it been useful/effective for you?


So far So good with it… Started with a couple tutorials and been building off that.

So far mainly on vocals and drums and been playing with it inserted on the stereo out ( jury still out on that one for me) but its been a god send for me with vocal eqing… curve matching gets u in the ball park and then slight tweak here and there have really helped my vocals in the mix.
my voice is very Bowie/ Ferry so found an acapella recoded the eq curve from that performance and applied it to my vocal night and day difference…

drums done the same way really help get the drums and vocal separated and leave room for guitars/ Bass/ etc… ive got a nice library now of Eq setting from other performances that i use to get me close and just tweak from there. its really helped my work flow and im getting better mixes over all.

the Groove 3 Cubase 7 tutorial and the link below is what got me going

hope that helps



I asked this from Aleksei via KVR and apparently we will get our update as via Steinberg (probably bundled with next Cubase update).

See here:

Aloha j
and tanx for that report.

I like reading what you posted so I will again
give this plug a go sometime this week.