Voxengo CurveEQ Clip Matching??

I have read the manual, watch multiple tutorials, etc and am still having some trouble with this very cool process with respect to my work flow. I am using this feature in the Audio Montage to match EQ of various clips. I instantiate Voxengo on the Master Section. I capture a 10 second take of my reference clip and click REFERENCE. I capture a 10 second take of my clip in need of change and click APPLY TO. Then I click MATCH SPECTRUM.

The clip that I APPLIED TO is beautifully EQ’d. However, when I play the Audio Montage this EQ setting effects all of my clips, even the REFERENCE clip. I would really like the EQ change to be on a clip by clip basis.

I am brand new to Wavelab and am just starting to wrap my brain around this great program. I am coming from PT11. In theory Wavelab 8 is the program that I have been waiting since I crossed over from the analog world to digital a few years back.

If you are so kind to help, please speak slowly. I am really trying to master this program. Many thanks

I’m guessing you need to apply the EQ as a clip effect. By instantiating in the master, it’s applied to all clips and tracks.

I wondered that myself. If I capture a TAKE on one clip and then go to a different clip the captured clip is gone. It seems that the captured TAKE stays with the clip from which it was captured. But what you said sure makes sense and would be cools; however, it just doesn’t seem to work that way. Thanks or the thoughts.

I think you can save or measure curves from one song from the open GUI of another (playback while it’s open to capture). You might try copying the Curve instance (with your capture) from the first clip/take, and pasting it onto the second… I’m betting it will still be there. Or not (I’m not a huge Match EQ user)! :wink: