Voxengo CurveEQ crashes Cubase 9.5.30 pro

The Voxengo Curve EQ plugin that comes with Cubase 9.5.30 pro refuses to be activated, eLicenser error loading a CPR that uses it, though it runs OK when opened. Loading a file where it is used, crashes Cubase even, but not always. I installed the latest eLicenser, Win10 64bit 1803 - F


How come nobody is chiming in on this?
Is this only happening to fiddler2007 and me?
An error in eLicenser says: The ‘Synsoacc.bundle’ DLL does not have the expected interface.
Then it says: “please use “recovery” to resolve issues”
After executing recovery, it says: “the recovery process didn’t find any issues”.
I can’t even find Curve EQ in eLicencer.
I can’t even find Curve EQ plugin in my system (mac).
Curve EQ plug-in shows that it is at v3.5. Should I upgrade it to the current Voxengo 3.6?
My crashes are getting worse in both versions since recently upgrading to 9.5.30 from 9.0.40
I guess I’ll have to open a ticket. No response to my missing collections in Plug-in Manager as well.

I typically pull out one of my UAD EQ plugs, so I haven’t tried the Voxengo since Steiny added it back several versions back. I thought of it lately and wondered if they still bundled it w/Cubase. I guess so, then.

I’ll pull it up and see how it works on my system.

Hey, Fiiddler, what are your preferred Genres?

OK. I did some checking. Added it to a project. (Mine shows up as v. 3.5, BTW.) Applied a filter. Saved it. Closed and reopened project 3-4 times. No problem.

Closed Cubase. Reopened and loaded project. Repeated this process 3-4 times.

No problem here.

Try opening a support case.

Good luck!


Start eLCC as administrator. Trigger Maintenance. Try with the plug-in once again.

If it’s still crashes, please share the crash dump file.

Although I already had the latest eLicense installed,

I simply ran uninstall on the installer, reinstalled it again and then ran maintenance.

eLicenser no longer shoots the “Synsoacc.bundle’ DLL does not have the expected interface” error.

Projects that use CurveEQ no longer crash at launch.

Problem solved.