Voxengo Elephant 4.1 shifts audio forwards when rendering


When rendering a file with Elephant 4.1 in the chain then the audio shifts forwards by around 40ms. I’ve contacted Voxengo to ask if there is a bug with the plugin reporting its latency. They said its fine and an issue with Wavelab. I’m on Mac, 10.10.2 and Wavelab 8.5.20.


I have checked it: the problem is on the Elephant side because this plugin declares it has an audio tail of 17640 samples (it declares a VST internal parameter which is reserved for Reverb plugins, internally called ‘effGetTailSize’). When this happens, WaveLab sends more (blank) samples to the plugin, for the plugin to flush its tail. WaveLab is the only host that supports this tail parameter.
Since Elephant is not a reverb plugin, the problem is there. You should report to Voxengo.