Voxengo missing?

Voxengo is there in 8.5 and is listed in the plugin manager , HOWEVER, I don’t see it int he VST3 plugins folder?

Voxengo doesn’t show up at all in C9. I forgot about this plugin. Is it not available in C9? Licensing issue or whatever


Have you checked in the VST manager (Blacklist Tab)? It may be a 32bit VST.

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Take a look in the EQ category. Curve EQ is in there.

  1. Not blacklisted at all
  2. Its now showing up in the EQ as Curve EQ, wasn’t there last time I booted up
  3. Im assuming this is part of the Cubase install as I can’t find the VST3 voxengo plugin in the plugins folder or the VST plugins folder.

**All good so far, thanks guys